Business Advisory Services

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Business Advisory Services

As a business owner, do you find yourself spending more time planning your vacation than planning the growth and profitability of your business? At Miller & Associates CPAs, we sometimes see this to be the case and our passion is to deliver services that help our clients achieve the results they desire. Our business advisory services focus on three key areas that are critical to the success and growth of any business:

Planning – helping our clients get focused on a financial scenario and building an action plan they can implement to move towards that scenario.

Profit and/or cash improvement – testing, prioritizing and assisting in the implementation of specific strategies to achieve improved profitability and/or cash flow.

Monitoring and accountability – helping our clients understand, measure and focus on the core numbers that drive success, then keeping them honest to do the things they said they would do to achieve those numbers.

Effective planning begins with accurate and reliable financial statements. It’s your business foundation. All decisions are driven off of the financial statements such as: product/service pricing, hiring staff, renting an office, buying a new fleet of vehicles, expanding into a new business line or new markets, etc. Building financial models and action plans such as strategic plans, budgets, forecasts, and “what if” scenarios are predicated on consistent, accurate, and reliable financial statements. At Miller & Associates CPAs, our staff goes through your financial statements in great detail to ensure accounts are reconciled and transactions are properly and accurately recorded to provide you with an accurate picture of the health of your business. This improves the planning process and provides many benefits for you:

  • Actionable year-over-year and/or period-over-period comparative financial statements and trending analysis.
  • Reliable financial correlation between actions and results.
  • Assist in creating meaningful and actionable budgeting and strategic planning.
  • Improved ability to obtain financing and/or leases and increased lines of credit.
  • Securing and increasing lines of credit.
  • Procuring business, life, or other insurance.
  • Benchmarking performance against similar businesses or other industries.
  • Reliable financial statements for use by lenders, venture capitalists, and/or potential buyers.

Every business has Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are critical to growing profits and increasing cash flow. Accurate and properly prepared financial statements are critical in identifying, defining, and monitoring these KPIs. At Miller & Associates CPAs, we will:

  • Work with you to create meaningful and reliable KPIs to help you quickly assess business performance.
  • Analyze your financial performance and provide you with graphs showing you KPI trends and other critical business information.
  • Reconcile your profit to the movement in cash. We are often asked “I have a large profit but where did the cash go?” We answer this question with easy to understand information.
  • Brainstorm your business situation and provide ideas that help drive you to your desired results.
  • Show you what’s possible in your business and work with you to put together a strategic plan for the next 12 months.
  • Be your trusted business advisor and assist with monitoring, adapting, and tracking results against implemented plans.
  • Assist you with other projects that need attention without you having to hire staff or divert needed resources.

Complimentary Consultation

Complete our Consult Request Form to find out more or to set up your complimentary consultation. During this consultation, we will go over your unique situation, evaluate service options we can provide for you, answer questions about the services we provide, provide pricing estimates, and decide whether we are a good fit to work together. Unfortunately, we cannot answer specific tax or accounting questions without a signed engagement letter.