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Donations, Garage Sales, and New Baby

Donations, Garage Sales, and New Baby

Hope you are doing well and getting ready for Summer!  It’s that time of year when people start cleaning out their garages and closets to freshen up the home for a new season.  Don’t forget to keep track of all your donations.  During tax season we see lots of donation slips that are blank, so we have no idea what had been donated or the value of those items.  We just need a total $$$ amount donated.  Did you know that you can claim the donation miles, too?  It may not seem like much, but it all adds up in the end to help you get the most out of your tax return.

It’s also garage sale season.  Did you know that you do NOT have to report money made from your garage sale?  Since you are most likely selling those items for less money than you paid for them, you don’t have to report that as additional income.  Thank goodness!

On a personal note, Alisa, our Accounting Manager welcomed her first granddaughter, Marilyn Jean, on May 19, 2019.  She’s a beautiful little girl and we’re so excited for her arrival!  Alisa also has a 5-year-old grandson, Wesley, who is now a big brother to Marilyn.     

Best wishes for a safe and fun summer.

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